Initiating Deployments and Scans Using PowerShell

Utilizing the CLI interface (available in both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory) we showed you initiating deployments and scans using PowerShell in this webcast. Why use the CLI? There are a few scenarios this can be handy, such as if you are on a remote computer and cannot access the console. Perhaps you want to script out something with scheduled tasks.

You may want to refer to this post from our webcast on preparing your environment for remote PowerShell.

Below are the PowerShell scripts, examples, and other files used in the webcast. Join our next webcast live, sign up for email notifications here.

Webcast Bonus Content: Initiating Deployments and Scans Using PowerShell

How to: Enable TCP for Background Service

XML Imports

PDQ Deploy Package-Example Package

PDQ Deploy Schedule-The One Schedule

Task Schedules – PDQ McTask

PowerShell Scripts

PDQ Deploy – Remotely initiating deployments.ps1

PDQ Inventory – Remotely Trigger a Scan

Reg File

Background Service – Enable TCP on port 7777.reg

2 responses

  • Lovely video but I have an issue that may not be solvable. I see that it is required to have the admin$ enabled in the inbound firewall and the ICMP, but we are running a scenario where we have disabled all firewall rules on our backup server with the exception of a few rules. such examples as wsus, remote access via RDP and the backup software rules. Is there anything I can do to (via firewall rules) to allow PDQ to talk to the backup server differently. I was able to initiate a deploy package from the backup server but when it tried to push the package, it said target computer is offline. Any other suggestions?

    • Thanks for the comment! Our software uses SMB (server message block) to communicate with target machines and does require the two items that you mentioned (ICMP and file/printer sharing). Here is a great link from our Help Center that I’ve used in the past that describes those very items:

      Additionally, you are always more than welcome to reach out to our support team to see if there’s anything that can be done in your specific scenario. They work with many customers every day and have incredible insight into different environment setups and what can or cannot be done. If there’s anybody that can help, it would definitely be them!

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