Patch Tuesday May 2024

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Brock Bingham|May 14, 2024
Patch Tuesday (light blue)
Patch Tuesday (light blue)

If you’re reading this, it means you somehow survived the Great Patch Flood of last month’s Patch Tuesday. I commend you on your tenacity, and I’m excited to inform you that your hard work has paid off. Oh, and by the way, we’re two weeks into May and it’s time to do it all over again … (I’m not crying; you’re crying).

Let’s see what our May 2024 Patch Tuesday has in store for us.

  • Total exploits patched: 62

  • Critical patches: 1

  • Already known or exploited: 3

Some highlights (or lowlights)

  • CVE-2024-30044: Starting off with the only vulnerability listed as critical, CVE-2024-30044 is a Microsoft SharePoint Server remote code execution vulnerability. If you’re unfamiliar with RCE vulnerabilities, they allow bad actors to remotely execute commands against targeted endpoints. This particular vulnerability could allow an attacker RCE in the context of the SharePoint server but requires the attacker to be authenticated with Site Owner permissions.

  • CVE-2024-32002: Our highest-rated CVSS score vulnerability this month belongs to CVE-2024-32002, coming in at a 9. This vulnerability is a bit of an oddity as it’s associated with MinGit software, but that in turn is utilized by Visual Studio. Ultimately this vulnerability takes advantage of recursive clones on case-insensitive filesystems that support symbolic links to allow remote code execution.

  • CVE-2024-30051: For our last highlight (lowlight), let’s take a look at CVE-2024-30051. This vulnerability takes advantage of a heap-based buffer overflow exposure in Desktop Windows Manager to allow for an elevation of privileges. What makes this vulnerability extra special is that it’s already publicly known and exploited. And judging by the number of people and organizations that Microsoft credited for reporting this vulnerability, it seems to be pretty widespread.

Wrapping up

Patch Tuesday may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer it with the right tools. Check out PDQ Connect, which is ideal for patching remote and local endpoints. If you’re looking for an on-prem solution, PDQ Deploy & Inventory have you covered. When you’re ready to get started, check out our full walkthrough on how to automate your patch management needs.


Brock Bingham candid headshot
Brock Bingham

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