Patch Tuesday September 2023

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Jordan Hammond|September 12, 2023
Orange themed Patch Tuesday banner image
Orange themed Patch Tuesday banner image

We are officially in the season of change. However, in life there are three constants that won’t change, no matter the season: death, taxes, and Patch Tuesday. Let’s look at what this cycle of the never-ending process contains this month:

  • Total exploits patched: 64

  • Critical patches: 5

  • Already known or exploited: 3

Not too bad at all. These are some of the best numbers we have gotten in a long time. It’s nice to catch a break. But good numbers don’t mean no risk, so let’s dive into the lowlights.

Some highlights (or lowlights)

  • CVE-2023-38148: This is the highest rated critical exploit for the month. It’s a Remote Code Execution for Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) that has an adjacent attack vector. This means that the attack needs to be on the same network segment to execute. An attacker on your network could use it only on systems that are on the same switch or virtual network. It also only impacts environments that have ICS enabled.

  • CVE-2023-29332: This critical exploit is a 7.5 elevation of privilege for the Azure Kubernetes Service. It requires no privileges or user interaction. This exploit would allow an attacker to get Cluster Administration privileges in your cluster. If you are using Kubernetes in an Azure space, I recommend you make sure this one is patched ASAP.

  • CVE-2023-36761: This last one is lower risk, but it’s both known and already exploited. It’s an informational disclosure exploit for Microsoft Word. Overall it comes in with a low score of 6.2, but this can allow the disclosure of NTLM hashes, and the preview pane is an attack vector. So while the risk is rated lower, it’s still one to keep an eye on as it’s already out in the wild.

Wrapping up

Are you feeling relieved about these downright tame numbers? You should! But let me make a few suggestions that can help you keep this feeling.

  1. Rake some leaves for that zen feeling we all crave.

  2. Automate your patching so Patch Tuesday is of no concern to you.

If you’re looking for some fantastic options to help you on your path for the second option, I suggest you look at PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory. Automation has never been easier and cheaper!


Jordan Hammond fun headshot
Jordan Hammond

Jordan had spent his life wondering why tasks he didn’t like to do had no options to complete themselves. Eventually he had to make that happen on his own. It turned out that he enjoyed making tasks complete themselves, and PDQ thought that is something he should talk about on the internet.

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