Webcast Recap: PDQ&A January 2020

Alyssa Winslow|Updated January 26, 2021
IT New Year's Resolution
IT New Year's Resolution

In January's PDQ & A webcast, we were on fire with all of your questions. Even your tough questions were encouraged since they make us earn the salary we get here for a change. No problem if you missed it, that's why we do this weekly post, and you can always click here to watch the recorded video. So, let's dive right into the recap! 

We'll take your questions now

  • Question: How can you run a report to show what Win10 computers do not have the Jan 14th cumulative update? 2:19

  • Question: Any way to use PDQ to remotely turn on wake-on-LAN on remote computers? 4:55

  • Question: What does the Windows 7 end of support mean for you? And for us? 8:07

  • Question: What if we have Multiple Domains? We still are unable to scan multiple trusted Forests. 9:45

  • Question: Can you make a dynamic collection of domain computers based on who is logged into it or user profiles on it? 12:41

There's two parts to this question. You can create a collection based on the last logged on user, but that may not always be what you're looking for.

Create a collection based off of the last logged on user

However, if you're looking for scan profiles, this is where you're going to need a report and the report needs to be used in conjuration with a customer scanner (such as WMI).

Profile scanner
using WMI to make a report
  • Question: What's the best practice for an ongoing auto-deployment? i.e. - identify computers that don't have AV, then push AV package ASAP? 15:25

  • Question: Do you have any tips / tricks / processes that would be helpful with Windows migrations? 17:22

  • Question: Is there any way to organize schedules other than sorting? 21:22

  • Question: Is there a way to run a Windows version upgrade to a specific version? IE update anything below, up to 1809, not latest. 24:42

  • Question: Target Computer name mismatch - how do you fix this? 29:27

  • Question: The Package Library within PDQ Deploy is very useful. Is this an area you will continue to update with common apps? 32:23

  • Question: Some workstations are showing up as Failed to connect to the service manager - how do you fix this? 33:56

  • Question: How can I create a collection based on O365 Outlook x86/64? 37:18

  • Question: Is there a way to use credentials with just a local username, no password? To deploy to a computer before putting on a domain. 38:35

  • Question: Is there a way to create a collection from report results? 39:52

When we create a collection coming from a report, we are actually grabbing the filters.

New collection from report
  • Question: It seems the community forums and r/PDQ are pretty quiet. Is PDQ putting forth effort to improve user engagement? 41:51

  • Question: Should PDQ Inventory updates wipe out static collections where I have manually imported info? Had to restore my database. 42:46

  • Question: Any plans to integrate PDQ Inventory with Solarwinds WebHelpdesk Inventory? 44:48

  • Question: Is there a prompt for users that they can click on a notification for when an install works best for them? 45:48

  • Question: Is there an advantage to use a report over dynamic group and vice versa? 46:49

A report can show you more information than a dynamic collection.

report vs. dynamic collection
  • Question: I have a lot of Variables in Inventory. How can I sort them? 48:09

  • Question: Any way to set up a report of new packages created by admins every week? These are packages admins create in our organization, not general packages available in PDQ. 49:49

  • Question: I get random MSI Errors on deployments. It isn't ever the same deployment or machine. What causes that? 51:03

  • Question: How can we create a Deploy package for the PDQ client for Deploy that does not prompt for license or PDQ server or port info? We want to deploy the client to our admins w/o them having to provide all this info. 52:57

Wrapping up

Make sure to keep reading our blog for more helpful tutorials and content. Also, remember that our live webcast is every Thursday at 10AM MST on YouTube.

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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