PDQ welcomes SimpleMDM to the PDQ family

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Brock Bingham|October 20, 2021
simplemdm announcement
simplemdm announcement

At PDQ.com, we understand and appreciate that every network environment is unique. Each is made up of a unique collection of hardware and software designed to ensure its users have the tools necessary to succeed. Often, this results in a diverse mixture of both Windows and Apple products. While PDQ.com's focus over the years has been providing solutions for Windows administrators, our desire has always been to support all IT professionals, no matter what platforms they manage, which is why we're excited to welcome SimpleMDM to the PDQ family.

Shared Vision

The IT landscape has rapidly grown and evolved over the years as companies and systems transition from traditional to digital operations. PDQ.com and SimpleMDM's shared vision is to ensure IT professionals have access to powerful, simplistic, and affordable tools to meet the growing needs of their organizations, no matter what platforms they support.

“PDQ is aggressively looking for ways to help IT professionals focus their time and energy where it’s needed most. The powerful combination of PDQ and SimpleMDM will reinforce our strategy of helping sysadmins effectively keep all types of devices healthy and up-to-date. We’re thrilled to work with SimpleMDM to accelerate growth, and to welcome their customers, employees and products to PDQ.” - Dan Cook, CEO at PDQ.com

Mutual Values

Both PDQ.com and SimpleMDM are driven by the passionate communities they support. Building and strengthening customer and community relationships is a critical component at the heart of each organization.

“We wanted to partner with a company that values building strong products and fostering a tight knit community of IT professionals, and we found that partner in PDQ.com,” said Taylor Boyko, CEO of SimpleMDM. “We’re extremely excited to join PDQ and utilize our shared values and vision to drive growth.”

The SimpleMDM Platform

SimpleMDM is the preferred mobile device management solution for many Apple administrators because of its simplicity and expansive feature set, ensuring administrators and users have access to all the features they need without unnecessary complexity.

SimpleMDM's cloud-based platform makes it quick and easy for IT professionals to get their organization up and running.

SimpleMDM features include:

  • Pre-built configuration profiles.

  • Easy device enrollment using Apple's Device Enrollment Program.

  • Bring Your Own Device enrollment support via Apple Configurator, SMS, email, weblink, and QR code.

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  • 2FA authentication via SAML to your existing identity provider.

  • Current and historic device location tracking.

  • Lock, wipe, and forcefully unlock rogue devices.

  • Customize app icon arrangements on home screens.

  • Hide and block any app, including system apps.

  • Automatically deploy apps and installer packages.

  • Install apps without prompting the device user for permission.

  • Hosted Munki integration and self-serve portal.

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Better Together

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While it's common for users to prefer one ecosystem over another, the truth is that both Windows and Apple platforms offer incredible technologies that companies can benefit from. Apple's mobile devices and creative platforms are second to none, while Windows productivity solutions can easily scale from small startups to large, multinational organizations. With SimpleMDM added to its product offerings, PDQ.com expands its ability to support a wider range of organizations and ecosystems. 

Ready to try it for yourself? Sign up for a 30-day trial of SimpleMDM.

To learn more, read the full press release on Business Wire.

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