PDQ Connect announces custom fields

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PDQ|April 17, 2024
Illustration that shows logo of PDQ Connect
Illustration that shows logo of PDQ Connect
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    The PDQ Connect team is excited to announce a new feature: custom fields! Sysadmins can make PDQ Connect their source of truth for all key device data.

    Custom fields allow sysadmins to add information and notes — like physical locations of devices, warranty expiration dates, or designated users — about individual devices. The information is stored alongside other device data that the PDQ Connect agent collects on each device. Similar to other device data, users can create device groups and reports based on this custom field data. Our guide walks you through step-by-step instructions on creating your first custom field.

    Very soon, we’ll introduce a bulk import option for custom fields. See more of what’s next on our product roadmap.

    Screenshot of custom field options in PDQ Connect
    Screenshot of a list of four custom fields created in PDQ Connect

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