Connect announces deployment trigger, bandwidth management, package duplication

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PDQ|June 4, 2024
Illustration that shows logo of PDQ Connect
Illustration that shows logo of PDQ Connect

The PDQ Connect team is excited to announce several new features: an automatic deployment trigger, bandwidth management, and the ability to duplicate custom or Package Library packages. Allow Connect to do even more of the work for you. 

Automatic deployment trigger 

Automatically deploy packages as soon as they’re needed without lifting a finger. Set a package to deploy the moment a device joins a group or the package updates to a new version. 

For example, deploy a package to a device as soon as the PDQ Connect agent is installed or set the latest version of Chrome to deploy immediately when it becomes available. 

Screenshot of the PDQ Connect UI showing the automatic deployment trigger.

Bandwidth management

You can now better manage Connect's bandwidth usage for specified IP addresses by limiting the number of active downloads. 

When you reach the downloads limit, excess deployments remain in a Staged status until the number of active downloads drops below the allowed limit. 

Screenshot of the PDQ Connect UI showing bandwidth management.

Package duplication

Duplicate any package in Connect to save time standing up similar packages. Click into any custom or PDQ-provided package, choose a specific version if it’s a Package Library package, and select the three dots in the upper right-hand corner to duplicate the package. From there, you can rename the package and make adjustments as you see fit. 

Screenshot of the PDQ Connect UI showing package duplication.

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