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PDQ Deploy 1.2 Beta

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Deploy Pro are nearly ready to start beta testing for version 1.2. If you’re interested helping us test these new versions or just want to see what’s new, please sign up for the beta. You can sign up for either or both. Once the betas are available we will contact you with information about downloading them and, in the case of Pro, getting you a beta license key.

Sign up for PDQ Deploy Beta

Sign up for PDQ Deploy Pro Beta

In order to whet your appetite, here’s a sneak peek at the features you will see in these new versions.

PDQ Deploy

  • Organize installers into folders, making it easier to keep track of large numbers of installers.

  • Deploy scripts written in VB Script or PowerShell.

  • Deploy registry files exported from regedit.exe.

  • View all deployments from all installers in a single list.

  • Export/import multiple installers in one file.

PDQ Deploy Pro

  • Everything from PDQ Deploy above.

  • View all schedules from all installers in a single list.

  • Multiple actions per installer. Create installers that include several applications, updates, or script files all in one deployment.

  • Command actions. Run commands on targets without the need to copy an installer file.

  • Improved setup which makes it easier to install and upgrade the database, server, and consoles.

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