What's new in PDQ Deploy 2.3

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Shawn Anderson|June 11, 2013
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What’s new in PDQ Deploy 2.3

PDQ Deploy 2.3 was released on June 22. If you are a pro mode user please verify that you have an active subscription or active maintenance. 

  1. Reboot during a package installation

  2. Run installation as the logged on user

  3. New condition for testing whether a user is logged in

  4. New package level timeout option which will override the global

  5. Enable or disable specific steps in an installation (no more deleting steps only to re-add them later!)

  6. Advanced package library subscription now includes past versions of packages

There are more additions, but I wanted to focus on just the big ones. We crammed a lot of new features into this update. Lex created a video which walks through some of the more visible additions to PDQ Deploy 2.3. 

To see all of the new additions, simply go to the update notes in the help file. Help > Contents > Update Notes.

company ShawnA
Shawn Anderson

Shawn is the co-founder of PDQ.

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