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What's new in PDQ Deploy 6

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Annalisa Williams|April 2, 2015
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New steps for packages

Access to all the different steps are now under a New Step button. You’ll also notice some new steps in PDQ Deploy 6.

  • Log Off Step: Log users off computers remotely. The log off step also allows you add a message to give your users a heads up before they are logged off.

  • Copy File Step: Use robocopy or xcopy in a command step no more. Using this step makes it simpler to copy files or folders to your users.

Performance improvements

  • Deployments with computers set to Wake-On-LAN will complete much faster: Computers set to WOL that are offline will be queued separately from already online computers. This frees up deployments to go out to already online computers. Once a WOL computer is available, it will then be deployed to.

  • Improved resolution for IP addresses: If you have laptops changing IP addresses in your environment, PDQ Deploy now checks multiple IP addresses returned by DNS until one returns as online.


Black and White PDQ logo
Annalisa Williams

Annalisa was an employee at PDQ.

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