What's new in PDQ Deploy and PDQ Deploy Pro 1.2

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Adam Ruth|February 14, 2011
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    As many of you may have noticed we have changed the licensing scheme of PDQ Deploy Pro. Based on feedback we’ve received we decided that it was best to move to a license scheme similar to that for AA Console. Instead of being licensed by the targets that receive deployment (per-seat licensing) it is licensed by the number of administrators who use it. This style of licensing makes PDQ Deploy Pro much more affordable and simpler to deal with. It’s cost effective for a company to start with a single administrator license and then expand to more users as the need arises.

    Along with the new licensing we have revamped our account managing website. This new site will make it easier to order multiple products and to expand licenses or extend maintenance. Each licensee now has a customer number which can be used to log in and see what is currently licensed and to more easily make changes. We will expand this functionality in the future as we add additional products and make other changes to our offerings.

    Something else that we’ve rolled out recently is an e-mail notification system to be notified when new versions of software become available. Checks for new versions in the software are great, but they don’t always work in all environments (proxies and firewalls can block the signal).  In order to be kept up-to-date feel free to sign up for e-mail updates. You can unsubscribe at any time.

    We hope that these and other changes will make your lives easier as you use our products. Please feel free to let us know what is and isn’t working and we’ll do our best to make things even better.

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    Adam Ruth

    Adam is a co-founders of PDQ.

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