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PDQ Deploy Install Step (Part 3)

Alyssa WinslowAlyssa Winslow

Last time in

PDQ Deploy Install Step (Part 2)

we went over the Nested Package Step, the File Copy Step, and the Reboot Step. Luckily, you can read up on it


if you missed it. Now, let’s check back in and review the last three install steps of this three-part blog series.

Sleep Step

Surprise, surprise, with this step you’re basically going to take a little pause and a quick nap. PDQ Deploy allows you to choose how long your ‘siesta’ will be.

Lex jokingly mentions, “If it were me, it’d be a couple of hours.”

However, the default time is typically 15 seconds, and that will generally take care of most things. You can also select the appropriate time for your environment and schedule.

For example, maybe you put a little pause in between an Install Step and a Reboot Step. Deploy allows you to shuffle the Sleep Step in wherever you need it.

The Message Step

The Message Step is once again pretty self-explanatory. You can use this step when you want to send a message to your end user.

For example, you may want to send them a message notifying them that an installation has started or finished.

A message will be sent to the end user in the default of 60 seconds unless otherwise stated. However, you can select the, ‘Wait for user to click OK’. So one of two things will happen and depending on what happens first, will determine what will make your message go away.  Either the timer will count down or the user clicks ‘ok’.

Deploy also allows you to set conditions for your message. You can select what ‘logged on state,’ the target machine is currently at. For example, you can select, ‘Only run if a user is logged on’ and then you don’t have to worry about your message being sent to machines that don’t have logged on users.

Logoff Step

Here’s an instance where you may want to use the Logoff Step.

Let’s say you built a Nested Package and you want to update internet browsers, or you want to update 7zip or VLC without having to kill browsers while people are using it. You could accomplish all that by selecting the Logoff Step.

PDQ Deploy

allows you to send the end user a message allowing them to log off manually or the default is 30 seconds…at which time the end user’s machine shut’s down automatically.

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