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PDQ Deploy Introduces Enterprise Mode

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

For the last four years PDQ Deploy has provided the ability to deploy/distribute software to thousands of organizations. One of our primary objectives has always been to keep Systems Management simple. While we have added dozens of awesome features over the last four years we have still tried to stick to the Keep It Simple, Stupid approach. This means that we have delayed adding certain complex features.

Well, we are now ready to rock. We have decided to replace the old Advanced subscription with what is now called Enterprise. The first new feature available in PDQ Deploy Enterprise is Package Sharing. Customers that have Enterprise licenses can easily share packages from one user to another user.

Setting up Package Sharing

Now that we have nailed down how we can offer these enterprise-level features the flood gates of new features are getting opened.

Remember that there are three "modes":

Free - $0 This mode allows to build packages that contain one install step. We are proud of our free mode. It is very functional and, of course, it is free. There is no bundled software, no crapware and no advertisements. We absorb the costs of providing the free versions of our software. You're welcome.

Enterprise - $500 per user (admin) per year. This provides access to all of the packages in the Package Library including old versions, Service Packs, Uninstall packages, etc. This also allows Package Sharing.

Click here to download PDQ Deploy for free, or to get a trial of PDQ Deploy Enterprise Mode.  

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