PDQ Inventory 1.1.2 (Beta 1)

PDQ Inventory Log

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Beta 1 of PDQ Inventory 1.1.2.  As always, you can download it from here.  This beta is mostly fixes and a few features.

  • Uninstall Applications
    Applications can be uninstalled from the Applications Panel.  This requires that the application have a silent “Uninstall String” value, which most will.  This command can be executed with PDQ Inventory or copied and pasted to PDQ Deploy.  We will improve the integration with PDQ Deploy in a future version.
  • Integration support with the upcoming PDQ Deploy 2 beta.  Deploy is moving to .NET 4 in version 2 and this requird changes to PDQ Inventory for the integration to work, so versions of PDQ Inventory earlier than this beta won’t work with PDQ Deploy 2.
  • Fixed a crash when upgrading from version 1.0.
  • Fixed an issue with sending Wake-on-LAN to computers with multiple NICs.
  • A few other small fixes, which can be viewed here.

As always we hope you enjoy the software and please let us know what more we can do in our Feature Request Forum.

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