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Announcing PDQ Inventory 3.1.0 public beta

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Annalisa Williams|Updated December 29, 2020
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    The Admin Arsenal Team is excited to announce that PDQ Inventory 3.1.0 is now in beta.

    The new and improved PDQ Inventory has the following added features:

    • Allows renaming of computers from the computer window

    • Targets now require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

    • Targets no longer require .NET 3.5 SP 1

    • Offline computers receiving WOL packets are now placed in a separate queue. This frees up concurrent connections which allows other computers to be scanned without waiting for WOL to succeed or timeout

    • Upgraded DevExpress controls. These new controls speed up console response time and address issues running the Console on Windows 8.x with certain touch screens

    We’re also introducing Enterprise-level licensing for PDQ Inventory which has added features:

    • Scan Data sharing

    • Collection and Report sharing

    • Can now scan for Windows Task Schedules as defined using Task Scheduler

      (Also available with Pro license)

    Of course, no beta release would be complete without some bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where the user interface would stop receiving updates during scans

    • Fixed an issue where items in the main window tree wouldn’t deselect

    • Fixed an issue where the run report menu would get corrupted

    • Fixed an issue with sorting of items in the main window tree

    • Fixes for a number of scan errors (locked files and file not found)

    • Fixed an issue where the membership of collection in the library weren’t updating properly

    • Fixed an issue with dragging columns to the group panel in a report

    Black and White PDQ logo
    Annalisa Williams

    Annalisa was an employee at PDQ.

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