Track Anti-Virus Software Versions with PDQ Inventory

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Shane Corellian|December 14, 2016
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    PDQ Inventory is especially useful for keeping tabs on application information. Building dynamic collections in PDQ Inventory can answer questions like: “Are all of our devices up to date?” and “Which devices are most vulnerable right now?”

    For some examples, we will use PDQ Inventory to find computers that have multiple anti-spyware applications installed and, of course, which computers have our preferred anti-spyware installed. In this example, we will use WebRoot SecureAnywhere as the preferred application.

    Start by making two basic dynamic collections:

    1. A collection for your organization’s preferred anti-virus software

    2. A collection for devices with potentially unwanted anti-virus software.

    The latter is important to track because no user is perfect.

    Shane head shot
    Shane Corellian

    Shane is the co-founder of PDQ.

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