Webcast Recap: PDQ Deploy & Inventory 18

Alyssa Winslow|September 5, 2019
Webcast Recap
Webcast Recap

Last week Shane and Jordan walked you through some of the newest features in Deploy 18 and Inventory 18. Don't worry if you missed out. You are in good hands and can catch up in this post. You can even watch the webcast below if that is more your thing.

Introduction to Deploy 18

  • Option to turn off auto download in Preferences.

  • Ability to prioritize deployments using Deploy once as well as prioritizing already queued deployments or specific targets within a deployment.

  • Question: Any big issues with the beta we should be aware of before testing?

Question: Can we create nested schedules on 18, such as 1 Window Update schedule instead of 40? 9:45

customizing conditions within packages and schedules
  • Selecting targets has been consolidated into one button allowing you to link to target sources or choose individual computers.

  • The target preferences page.

  • New System variables for Server hostname.

Question: Dark mode when? 18:35

Dark mode
  • Update notification.

  • Additional information displayed on the License window, including Technical Contact.

  • Send anonymous data to PDQ.com.

Question: Can the server console (or admin user) push down it’s Tree layout to the console users (Inventory & Deploy)? 23:51

customizing the tree layout

PDQ & A - You ask, we answer

Question: Can I call a script from a computer that initiates a deployment? 25:48

Question: Do you have any docs on how to configure PDQ with Microsoft Direct Access? 27:54

Question: Is there a way to deploy Microsoft Store apps to target machines? We have the store blocked on their machines. 28:47

Question: Can we add package Auditing for Deploy? Ie. who changed what? 29:44

Question: How can I filter out the empty columns in the reports? Thanks! 31:51

Question: Would we be able in the future when Inventory detects a user logged in will deploy some software for the user account? 33:04

Question: With the (beta) Agent, is there or will there be a way to ignore using the Agent if the Agent status is Internal? 33:48

Question: Where does this community hang out? Reddit, Discord, Slack, ICQ?? 34:38

Wrapping Up

Thanks for making it to the end of this post and taking the time to catch up on the latest and greatest of Deploy 18 and Inventory 18. If you don't want to miss out next time, tune in to our live webcast every Thursday at 10 am MST. See you then!

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