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Deploy software to Active Directory Groups

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

Want to install software to Active Directory computers? Sure, you can deploy software via Group Policy and this is a decent method in some cases however you are still quite limited on what you can install via Group Policy.

PDQ Deploy can silently install software and run scripts (.vbs, powershell or batch)  on targets based on Active Directory Groups and Organizational Units (OUs). Oh, and PDQ Deploy is free. ahem. (Target computers can also be imported from PDQ Inventory collections and Spiceworks Groups)

Check out this video where we deploy Firefox 10 to computers in the Contractor Computers group in Active Directory.

I followed Shawn's directions to build a PDQ Deploy installer for Firefox by checking out his Install Firefox Silently post from May, 2011. 

 If you have a software deployment question feel free to post it on our PDQ Deploy forum.

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