Webcast Recap: PDQ&A September 2019

Alyssa Winslow|Updated May 17, 2021

Time to Catch up with PDQ&A

You may already know that during each weekly webcast you have an opportunity to submit your questions and have them answered live during the show. PDQ&A is different in that the whole show is one long question and answer session. You have our undivided attention as we answer your questions about our products that have been keeping you up at night. If you missed last week's PDQ&A no need to stress, every question asked is documented in this post. Happy reading, or watching if want to catch up that way instead.

UPDATE 9/23/19:

We are announcing the End of Life (EOL) of the optional PDQ Agent beta from our existing products.

To ask or not to ask...that is the question?

  • Question: I would like to know if I can use PDQ to reboot multiple PCs by schedule. :52

  • Question: Any plans to add some grouping/sorting/headers to the report functionality? Example: PCs grouped by AD OU. 2:27

  • Question: Any serious plans to integrate Windows Update patching right in PDQ so it handles all the updates to phase out WSUS? 3:49

  • Question: What's been going on with the package library? I still have 1 auto-download that refuses to approve.  5:18

  • Question: Any way to exclude machines from Inventory AdSync not by OU, but by machine name? 6:52 

PDQ & A Encouraged

  • Question: Is there a way to select multiple past deployments in the All Deployments window to create a new nested package? 8:31 

  • Question: How can I simply see deployments that are currently deploying? With heartbeat triggers, All Deployments is cluttered. 9:24

  • Question: With the Agent, I can scan external computers, but I cannot deploy (exceeded timeout). What am I missing? 10:51

  • Question: A recent Windows 10 hotfix is bricking our machines. Can we use PDQ to uninstall the hotfix before our machines reboot? 12:03

hotfixes in PDQ Inventory
  • Question: Any good way to get emailed on Windows Updates for specific O/S versions? 2016 gets week 3/4 patches, not on a set day. 13:55

  • Question: Are there any downsides to running a central server with Deploy and Inventory on a virtual machine? 15:00

  • Question: Skype just refuses to download. All the others approved after the latest performance issue update 15:44

  • Question: When do the latest/old prebuilt collections update their version info? Once PDQ posts it or once I approve the download? 16:53

  • Question: Is there a way for PDQ to easily deploy Windows 10 version updates? Example: upgrading from 1809 to 1903.  17:40

  • Question: Completely cosmetic question, but any plans to allow further color customization for the interfaces? 19:25

  • Question: What will cause a heartbeat schedule to start? Target PC has been online for 24 hrs and has not triggered. 20:58

  • Question: Any plans for PDQAAS, PDQ as a service with a Microsoft InTune like service? 21:37

  • Question: Can you schedule reboots from Inventory? Feature request? 22:56

  • Question: What could cause a deployment that 100% happened doesn't show in a PC's Deployment's page in Inventory? 24:36

You Only Fail When You Stop Trying

  • Question: I often have to FlushDNS on my PDQ Central server. What's up with that? 26:24

  • Question: Any plans to have the Inventory Agent install through a Deploy step? It would help in new machine provisioning. 27:17

  • Question: Why would only one DC in a large domain report as "access denied to service manager" we are using the same DA account for all DC's. 27:54

  • Question: Is there a workaround to use the run command tool as the logged on user? 29:04

workaround for logged on user

That's a Wrap

Thanks for taking the time to catch up. We hope you learned a little something new. Don't forget to write down your questions so you'll be ready for next time you join the webcast live on YouTube at 10AM MT. Until next time!

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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