Webcast Recap: Protect Your Users From Themselves

Alyssa Winslow|Updated May 17, 2021

Hey, hey PDQ People! Thanks for checking back with us as we review our webcast from the week of Halloween where we talked about cyber hygiene. Kris, the corgi (you'll know what we're talking about once you start watching), and Alex the, uh, Superman of Security, walked us through some helpful information to keep your network secure and save your users from themselves.

How to Keep Your Users Safe

Ransomware Facts: :42

Phishing Training: 3:37

Patch Regularly & Rapidly. 6:43

Question: Would you say PDQ is a full replacement for (or even better than) WSUS? If so, a howto would be helpful. 8:44

LAPS in your environment. 10:36

setting up LAPS

Question: I need to revamp my spectre/meltdown collections, scans, etc. Do you have any sources I can use? 13:12

Backups secured offline. 14:41

Two Factor Authentication 16:42

Internal Firewall. 20:28

Question: I have a scheduled data backup every hour on Deploy. If a few machines take more than an hour,should I deploy every 2hr or what would best practice be? 24:57

Question: How do you feel about password manager> Helpful or just a payload of keys to find once cracked? 28:47 

Limit remote Access 30:54

Speed Round

Brigg Angus running very fast like Sonic the Hedgehog leaving a trail of papers and a laptop in his wake

Question: If I create a schedule to shutdown computers, will Windows 10 machines run necessary updates or just shut down? 33:22

Question: Could you guys make an auto deploy that blocks writing for all users in most exploited locations in Windows? 34:53

Question: Since we're talking non-pdq stuff, anyone have a preferred way to limit Domain Admin logins with a yubikey type fob? 36:48

Question: Can I use PDQ to send a small electrical zap through the keyboard when my end users are being end users? 37:59

That's the end

Thanks for reading and staying up to date with us! And as always make sure you don't miss us live every Thursday. The link is below!

Alyssa Winslow

Alyssa was an employee at PDQ.

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