Robocopy Now with Gooey Goodness

Robocopy, for those of you who don’t know, is an advanced file copy tool from Microsoft which improves on XCOPY. It has a number of features, notably the ability to restart and retry failed copies (Robocopy is a portmanteau of ROBust COPY.) For me, though, the most important option is /MIR which not only copies new and changed files but deletes files from the target that have been deleted on the source. Why it’s a part of the Windows Admin pack for a separate download and not included has always been a mystery to me.

It’s a command line tool and that’s all well and good for us command line jockeys but Microsoft has recently (in the sense that I just learned about it) released a GUI. This is good news for people who haven’t used it before and aren’t accustomed to all of the options. I like that it can create the command line equivalent, making it a good way to discover options and move to the command line when needed.

If you need to copy a lot of files around and haven’t yet used Robocopy, give the GUI a whirl an see what it can do for you.