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Adding Your Own Custom Data to PDQ Inventory

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

With our 2.1 release of PDQ Inventory came a frequently requested feature: adding custom data. Some data cannot be extracted from computers using an inventory scan. Below are some examples of custom data that you may want to track.

  • Purchase Date

  • Warranty Expiration

  • Cost Center

  • Corporate Asset Tags

  • etc

Now you can tie this type of data to the inventory for each of your scanned computers.

Creating Custom Items

In PDQ Inventory (running in Pro Mode) go to File > Preferences > Custom Items.

Click New Item and enter your information. 

Adding Data for Custom Items

In PDQ Inventory, double-click on a computer and click on the Custom Items in the left pane. You can then select the item that you just created in the earlier step and add the data specific to this computer.

Coming in a future release will be the ability to do mass custom data entry for multiple computers.

Here’s a video that shows how this is all done.

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