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Command Line and Keyboard Shortcuts for PDQ Deploy

Shane CorellianShane Corellian

If you’re a sys admin then you probably prefer using your keyboard to navigate around your favorite programs.Let’s take a look at some common PDQ Deploy tasks and show you how you can accomplish these using either keyboard shortcuts or the CLI (Command Line Interface)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? You can view (and print) the full list of keyboard shortcuts available in PDQ Deploy here. From creating and scheduling a deployment, to reattempting a deployment there’s a shortcut for that. You can view the full list as a PDF here. You can also look at the various commands in different menus to see the corresponding shortcut keys.

Working with Packages in the Console

  1. Deploy a package – CTRL+D

  2. Rename a package – F2

  3. Duplicate a package – Alt+Insert (This is a way to perform a copy and paste with one command.)

  4. Importing a package – CTRL+i

  5. Exporting a package – CTRL+E

Command Line Interface

You can utilize the CLI from a common cmd.exe window. Make sure to change your directory to your PDQ Deploy directory under Program Files or Program Files (x86).The command you can use is PDQDeploy.exe. To pull up a Usage statement type: PDQDeploy Help.

To see the available options for deploying packages via the CLI type: PDQDeploy Help DeployThe command to deploy is PDQDeploy Deploy -Package -Targets In the example below I am deploying Java 8 Update 51 to the computers, Archie, Aikau and V32-01.

You can also initiate a deployment of a previously defined PDQ Deploy Schedule. The only catch here is that you need to know the Schedule ID. The example below kicks off a schedule of Google Chrome Enterprise. The schedule ID in this case is the number 2.

To see the usage statement for the various commands type:

PDQDeploy Help Deploy
PDQDeploy Help StartSchedule

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