PDQ Deploy: Automate your patch management 

Update third-party software, deploy custom scripts, and make impactful configuration changes to your on-prem Windows devices in minutes with PDQ Deploy. 

Person pointing at computer and coworker has a pleasantly shocked expression.
Person pointing at computer and coworker has a pleasantly shocked expression.

Set it and forget it. No, really. 

Free yourself and your team from pesky, repetitive tasks by unlocking powerful automations so everyone can focus on more important things, like covering up the evidence of who ate the rest of the breakroom snacks. 

Deploy just about anything

Rapidly deploy precisely what you need, from the latest Windows cumulative update to a specific custom software install, and see details on how every deployment went. Inconceivable power is at your fingertips! 

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PDQ Deploy UI of package libraryPDQ Deploy UI of package library
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Package library

More than 200 common apps are ready for you to deploy in our Package Library. We keep these packages updated and we test each one to ensure silent installations.

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Custom packages

Create multistep packages, like installing an MSI or running a PowerShell script. Start from scratch or modify a prebuilt package from our Package Library to your liking.

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Deployment history

See current and completed deployments, their status, the package deployed, target details, and more. You can also schedule post-deployment confirmation emails.

Automate patch management

Streamline your device management workload by automating recurring maintenance tasks to reduce the need for manual interventions. Say farewell to repetitive processes and hello to more efficient patch management! 

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PDQ Deploy UI of heartbeat triggerPDQ Deploy UI of heartbeat trigger
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Schedule updates

Automate deployments to run at specific times or recurring intervals. For example, deploy the latest version of Zoom or a weekly reboot to targeted PDQ Inventory collections.

Heartbeat icon blue

Heartbeat trigger

Deploy software or updates based on the availability of the machine and ensure deployments reach devices that are offline at the time of your scheduled run.

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Central server

Centrally maintain packages, deployment histories, and schedules across multiple administrators at a single company with high visibility.

Trusted by thousands of companies, big and small

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Diagram showing deploy and inventory process of identifying computers that need an updateDiagram showing deploy and inventory process of identifying computers that need an update

A perfect pairing

Use PDQ Deploy & Inventory together to manage on-prem or VPN-connected devices. One license gets you both! 

  • Target specific machines 

Identify groups of machines or individual devices that need a new version of a specific software application. 

  • Schedule your deployment 

Set a schedule for automatically deploying new versions to the targeted computers on your preferred cadence. 

  • Sit back and relax 

Let PDQ do the hard work while you sip on your favorite beverage. (We have many recommendations.) 

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Securely manage your Windows devices 

PDQ Deploy & Inventory data is locally stored on your network, allowing you full control, offline operations, and more. We encrypt the password data we store for you as well as in-transit data.

Read more in our Product Security Guide.

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Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.