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Deploy software to your Spiceworks collections

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

Deploying software to Spiceworks collections is a very common request among Spiceheads. That's why we added Spiceworks to the list of options to add target computers to deployments.

Before you can deploy you need to tell PDQ how to talk to your Spiceworks server.

Spiceworks Login

Step 1: Go to your PDQ Deploy Preferences (File > Preferences)

Step 2: Enter your server hostname, port, and Spiceworks user credentials.

Step 3: Test your connection

Once you have successfully tested your connection, you're ready to do some deployments.

Seeing your Spiceworks Computers

Choose which package you want to deploy from your list of Packages in PDQ Deploy. Click Deploy... button and select Deploy Once.

Click the Choose Targets button and select Spiceworks

NOTE: If you have a large environment, displaying your Spiceworks collections may take awhile. If this happens, you may want to check out this post on speeding up Spiceworks, and this post on speeding up in one easy step.

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