How to Enforce Firefox Settings

It’s simple enough to get Mozilla Firefox remotely installed on your computers, but how do you keep users from changing settings and potentially leaving your network vulnerable? In this post we’ll first silently install Firefox on machines, and then enforce Firefox settings using group policy.

Silently Installing Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the many deployment packages available in the Package Library. With a PDQ Deploy Enterprise license you can import this ready-to-deploy package (which we recommend as the package has additional steps to uninstall past versions of Firefox and other steps that also help avoid installation errors). With the free version you can also create this package to quickly install Firefox.

  1. Add the Firefox Setup exe in the Install File field in your install step
  2. Add silent parameter -ms to the Parameters field.
  3. Save and close, you’re ready to deploy. Simply highlight your newly created package in the left tree and click the Deploy button in the right corner. From there you’ll be able to deploy right away or schedule (Pro or higher) and select deployment targets. silently install firefox enforce settings

Enforce Firefox Settings

Watch this video to learn how to set up PolicyPak, the video will also show you where to find and how to add “Paks” which you’ll need to help quickly manage hundreds of applications.

  1. First things first…in your Group Policy editor, add a new GPO. Right click and select edit.
  2. Now you’re ready to hit up the PolicyPak module. Click Application Settings Manager, right click and select the Mozilla Firefox pak. (The video link above will show you how to set up these paks.)
  3. Double-click on the Firefox application now listed to start editing you settings. As you make changes right click and select the lock down option you desire to enforce settings in Firefox. enforce firefox settings

5 responses

  • agree, it would be a multistep install, this would be the steps with cck2

    * install cck2 in firefox
    * go through wizard : in the end -> NOT XPI, but :”TO FILE” in a folder
    * copy it with copyjob

    This would just be a filecopy task of the following folderS:
    * cck2
    * browser

    I´m gonna test it sooon

      • Hugh,

        I set up a package this way. If you have PDQ Deploy Pro, you can just add a File Copy step to the end of the Firefox package from the Package Library.
        -Create your autoconfig folder in CCK2 and unzip it somewhere in your repository.
        -In the File Copy step, enter the path to the autoconfig folder and specify that you’re copying a folder instead of a file.
        -Enter the target folder (“%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Mozilla Firefox” if you’re installing 32-bit Firefox)
        -Check “Overwrite Existing Files”, “Include Subfolders”, and “Copy All Files”.

        This works great for me.

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