Package Library

Package Library

The Package Library contains common applications that are ready to download and silently deploy right from within PDQ Deploy.

We test each package to ensure that it installs silently. We also keep the packages up-to-date with the latest versions of the applications so you don’t have to, saving you not only time, but money. You can also create your own packages as well, but that’s a different topic.

For more detailed information about the Package Library, click here.

Licensing Requirements

Access to the Package Library changes based on the license level. See the entire list.

  • Free mode: Minimal access includes a small subset of a few packages, restricted to one install step.
  • Enterprise mode: Unlimited access includes all packages, including previous versions.
  • Enterprise Trial mode: Access to three (3) packages of your choice from all available packages.

Video – PDQ Deploy Package Library Introduction

Quickly deploy software and updates to all your network computers with the help of PDQ Deploy’s Package Library.