Feeling Blue (Screen of Death)? Troubleshooting the Dreaded BSOD

The Simple-Talk blog has a recent article on Troubleshooting Windows Blue Screen Errors which I found to be quite interesting. I’ve never really had to deal with BSODs much beyond simply rebooting the computer, that’s always been someone else’s job.
I never knew what kind of information is available to deal with such crashes, both on the blue screen itself and in the dump files. Using the debugger to analyze a dump file seems a bit intimidating but once you know what to look for and what you can safely ignore it’s not that difficult. Normally an error code and a driver name is all you’ll need to get started finding out what’s wrong and how to fix it.
Luckily, system crashes in Windows are much less common than they used to be but they still do appear from time to time. With a little searching around I found quite a few other guides to help out with the dreaded blue monster, here are a few to get you started.

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