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Announcing PDQ Deploy 1.5 final beta

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Shane Corellian|Updated January 25, 2021
Final Beta for PDQ Deploy 1.5 released
Final Beta for PDQ Deploy 1.5 released
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    Rock on. We just released (OK, a few days ago… gimme a break I’ve been helping a friend move) Beta 4 of PDQ Deploy. You can get it here. Here is a quick summary of the features introduced since beta 3:

    • New Offline Policy option to send Wake-on-LAN (WOL) to offline computers before deployment.

      • This feature is enabled in Pro mode of PDQ Inventory

        PDQ Inventory (free or pro) required

      • Add descriptions to all Credentials that are used in PDQ Deploy.

    • Recurring scheduled deployments only send out email notifications if the status of computers has changed since the last scheduled run. 

    • PDQ Deploy will automatically create additional target (staging) directories if previous deployment left locked files on the target.

    • Ability to run individual deployments and schedules as Local System. (This was, previously, a global setting)

    • Added Started and Run Time values to each computer in a deployment.

    • Option to send or not send email notifications per deployment or schedule. (This was, previously, a global setting)

    Thanks to our online community of users who have been using the beta versions of PDQ Deploy. From bug reports to feature requests to offers to “buy the next round” we are very grateful.

    Speaking to the screaming hordes of fans that live in his head, Adam Ruth calmly laid out plans for the official release of PDQ Deploy 1.5 by saying “…yeah, it’ll be released pretty soon, I guess.”

    Touching and inspiring words from a man who once performed a Dramatic Interpretation (for which he received the fish-belly white Participant ribbon) on the history Cheese during a drama competition in 1989.

    Shane head shot
    Shane Corellian

    Shane is the co-founder of PDQ.

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