What's new in PDQ Deploy Pro 1.3

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Adam Ruth|March 4, 2011
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    As mentioned in a prior, we decided to quickly turn around a change to PDQ Deploy based on feedback from early adopters. We got the new version into beta two weeks ago and we’re pleased to announce that it has been launched today.

    From a functionality stand-point is not a really big change, but the effort needed to install and maintain it is now much lower.  There’s no need to install SQL Server and deal with its networking and security configuration. Also, all of the PDQ Deploy Pro components install on the same computer making things simpler.

    This new version has lost the ability to share deployments and schedules between administrators (without doing an export/import).  Based on the feedback we received we decided that it was more valuable to our users to ease the installation and maintenance of the system than it was to provide the automatic sharing. This is a feature that we will be adding back in the future in a way that doesn’t require the extra work of a separate database install.

    Also, on a related note, we rolled out an update to PDQ Deploy that contains a number of fixes to problems which have been identified. We are currently working on version 1.3 of PDQ Deploy which will add some new features. Please post in the comments or on our forums any features you’d like to see in the next version of either the Free or the Pro version of PDQ Deploy.

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    Adam Ruth

    Adam is a co-founders of PDQ.

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