Firefox 4 Coming in February

Firefox 4 - product announcementSlashdot is reporting that Mozilla plans to release Firefox 4 in February (see TechSpot article).

We’ll be sure to post a tutorial on how to deploy Firefox silently to all your business computers. In the meantime we’ll point you to the current instructions for installing Firefox 3 silently.

I’ve been a faithful user of Firefox since 2003. Perhaps my only complaint was discussed in 2009, centered around Mozilla’s lackluster support of the corporate environment.

Still, I love my Firefox and I’m curious about the new look of version 4. It reminds me a lot of Google Chrome, which is a compliment. Firefox 4 is doing a good job of getting the browser out of your way. (It’s annoying when a browser comes between you and your web content.)

They have a hard push to make final release by end of February. My money is on mid-March.

Now if only Mozilla would make it easier to centrally manage their browser.


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