How To Install Adobe Reader 10 Silently

Our previous post demonstrated how to customize Adobe Reader 10 using the new Adobe Customization Wizard. In this post we’ll demonstrate how to deploy Adobe Reader to all of your computers. We are assuming that you have created your transform (MST) file using the customization wizard. (see customization video)

Locate your AcroRead.msi file. Right click on it and select “Deploy with PDQ”. 

PDQD Deploy Adobe Reader RightClick


PDQ Deploy will open and populate the “Installer” window. We assume that you are deploying Reader using a customzied MST that you created with the wizard. Check the “Include entire directory” checkbox. In the Parameters field you’ll need to reference the MST file.

NOTE: Only reference a TRANSFORM (.MST) file if you have created one using the Adobe Customization Wizard. Referencing an .MST file that doesn’t exist will result in the ever descriptful MSI error 1624.


PDQD Deploy Adobe Reader Installer

Hit “OK” and the Installer is created.

The next step is to deploy the installer to some or all of your computers.

Select “Deploy” and let’s choose which computers you’ll deploy too. You have four options to select target computers.

  • Manual entry (typing each hostname)
  • Import (text file with one hostname per line)
  • Active Directory collections
  • AA Console containers

Install Adobe Reader 10 to all your computers silently

After you’ve selected your computers you can hit “Deploy Now”.

The deployment will start and the status will be displayed in the window.

We’ve done posts before on deploying Adobe and using the Adobe Customization Wizard, but when new releases hit the market we like to do some refreshers. Adobe X is still new and has yet to be adopted on a mass scale, but it’s starting to show some growth.

If you have any questions about deploying Adobe Reader or about using the Customization Wizard for Reader X let us know.

As per usual, here is our obligatory video showing what we’ve just discussed. 

Install Adobe Reader 10 to all the computers in your company today using your FREE copy of PDQ Deploy.

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