How To Install Adobe Reader 9.4 Silently

As is generally the case, there are multiple ways to deploy Adobe Reader 9.4 silently.

  1. Deploy AdbeRdr940_en_US.exe with the silent parameters
  2. Create a silent (and customized) Reader installation using the Adobe Customization Wizard

Today we’ll show you option 1. Next week we’ll tackle number 2. Both of these have been covered before (for earlier versions of Reader), but it appears that some of the arguments have changed in th newer version, so it’s time to refresh our content.

Obtain the redistributable file from Adobe. Once you have this file you can quickly deploy Adobe Reader.

To see your usage options, open a command window and enter the path\filename of the Reader executable.

c:\downloads\AdbeRdr940_en_US.exe /?

This will start the Adobe extraction process, which can be a little disconcerting if you’re not expecting it. It may appear that the package is installing, but it’s not. Let the status bar reach 100% and then your usage statement will appear.

Install Adobe Reader Silently | Reader 9.4

Your argument (or parameter) listing will appear after the processing of Adobe Reader is completed.

Install Reader Silently | Adobe Reader 9.4

To install Adobe Reader silently WITH accepting all defaults you can simply enter the following command line parameters.

AdbeRdr940_en_US.exe /sAll /rs

We’ll show you how to deploy Adobe Reader silently to all of your computers. We’ll use our free software deployment tool, PDQ Deploy.

Deploying Adobe Reader 9.4 Screenshot

After you select “Create Deployment” you will enter the target computers that you want to deploy to. You can manually enter the hostnames or use another method, like importing a list of hostnames, Active Directory containers, or if you have purchased AA Console (formerly Admin Arsenal) you can specify based on collections.

Select computers to install Reader to silently

If you need to change the account that will handle the distributions you may enter the “Authentication” tab. If you are already signed in using the account you wish to deploy with, simply enter the “Deploy Now” button.

Your deployment will begin. Status will be provided for each system.

If you have requests for additional application deployment examples please let us know.