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PDQ|March 13, 2024
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Connect blog post image

The PDQ Connect team is excited to announce the release of a public API. Part of our ongoing product roadmap, the API opens up many possibilities for sysadmins to condense their existing device management workflows.

Integrate PDQ Connect with your own scripts and other tools by leveraging our secure REST API. Further automate your device management by deploying a package, surfacing inventory information, and more from elsewhere in your tech stack.

Get started in Settings by configuring the API with PDQ Connect’s secure, token-based authentication system. Generate an API key to begin interacting with the API. (See detailed instructions in our support knowledge base.)

API call list


Use case



Deploy packages

Deploy one package to device(s)

Ex. Deploy Chrome to this specific group of devices

Device ID(s) and group ID(s); one package ID or one package version ID

Confirmation that deployment was successfully created or an error that the deployment wasn't created

Get list of devices


Ex. Show me which devices are missing Chrome

All devices in an org or all devices meeting specific filter criteria

List of devices; limited inventory information for each device

Get device data on a specific device

Asset managers

Ex. Give me the inventory information for this device so I can see it in my asset manager tool

Device ID

All device inventory information for a single device

Get groups


Ex. Tell me the group ID for a specific group(s) so I can deploy to them

All groups or a specific subset (like groups that include “Adobe” in their names)

Group ID, name, type (static or dynamic), and filters (optional)

Get list of packages


Ex. Tell me the packages available so I can choose which one I want to deploy

All packages or a specific subset (like packages that include “Adobe” in their names)

Full list of packages (both custom + Package Library sourced) and their IDs, names, and descriptions

Get list of recent versions for one package


Ex. Tell me the available versions of a package so I can deploy a specific version

Package ID

List of versions available in PDQ Connect for the package specified

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