PDQ Connect marks 7 significant feature releases since 2023 launch

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PDQ|March 19, 2024
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    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, March 19, 2024 — PDQ, a leading provider of IT asset management software, announced its latest PDQ Connect feature release last week, marking the addition of seven significant feature additions to PDQ Connect in recent months.

    Since September 2023, PDQ Connect has added the following functionality:

    • Public API: Customers can integrate PDQ Connect with their other tools by leveraging PDQ Connect’s secure REST API.

    • Role-based access control: Custom role creation and permissions management allow team leaders to ensure their team members can do exactly what they need to in PDQ Connect — which is especially helpful given PDQ Connect’s unlimited IT admin user model.

    • Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) integration: With this secure, read-only connection, users may now leverage Entra ID (Azure AD) device information without leaving PDQ Connect.

    • Reports: Custom reports can now be created in PDQ Connect. Reports are exportable and may be scheduled to automatically run and email out.

    • Custom scanners: Bring additional registry and files & folders datapoints into PDQ Connect.

    • Static groups: Sysadmins may save selections of handpicked devices for ongoing use.

    • Custom variables: Save regularly used values, such as the version number of a custom software package, in a centralized location and reference them elsewhere in PDQ Connect.

    Launched in July of 2023, PDQ Connect is an agent-based solution that enables system administrators (sysadmins) to monitor and manage their in-house and remote Windows devices from an easy-to-use, cloud-based interface. With PDQ Connect, sysadmins can view real-time device data, organize devices into dynamic or static groups, deploy prebuilt or custom packages, and automate deployments to target specific devices or groups on an ongoing cadence. And there’s more to come.

    “PDQ Connect has grown tremendously within the past year, and much of that is due to the insights we continue to gather from sysadmins and our customers directly,” says Mark Littlefield, VP of Product. “Our product philosophy is deeply sysadmin-centered, and their input will continue to inform PDQ Connect’s future innovation.”

    PDQ Connect is SOC 2 certified and designed with multifactor authentication, encryption, and more. View our full security guide for more information.

    To try PDQ Connect for free, sign up for a free trial today.

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