Announcing PDQ Deploy Pro 1.1 beta

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Shane Corellian|October 13, 2010
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    PDQ Deploy Pro, baby!

    OK, enough messing around… let’s get this train moving. After many weeks of heads-down, full-contact development on the Pro version of PDQ Deploy we are ready to release it to beta. This is just the start, folks.

    As with any beta, we rely on your feedback to make this product kick even more ass. Find a bug? Let us know. We can and WILL fix it. Want a new feature? Tell Us. You don’t even have to ask politely…

    What does the Pro version have that the free doesn’t? Well, sit back sonny and let me find my whittling knife and I’ll tell you a story.

    1. Schedule your deployments

      • Schedule recurring or one-time deployments

      • Each PDQ Installer can have multiple schedules depending on your environment

    2. Modify number of concurrent targets.

      • This is an excellent feature if you have a high number of target computers that need to receive a particular deployment. The default number is 8 (which is the hard-coded value in the free version). Increasing this number can greatly reduce your overall deployment time for large numbers of targets.

    3. Bandwidth throttling

      • Be a good netizen by controlling the maximum % of available bandwidth deployments can use.

    4. Send status\results of your deployments to multiple email addresses.

    5. Deployment data and configuration are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database. (You can use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express, it’s free.)

    6. Multiple consoles per PDQ Deploy Pro server.

      • This means that you and your co-workers can work off of the same database preventing duplicate deployments.

    This is just the beginning folks. Let us know the features that you want.

    Customers of Admin Arsenal who have an active Maintenance Contract will receive the PDQ Deploy Pro server and 150 Target Licenses, (AKA CALs) free of charge.

    Set your PDQ Pro Performance


    Shane head shot
    Shane Corellian

    Shane is the co-founder of PDQ.

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