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Announcing PDQ Deploy 1.1.4

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Adam Ruth|December 22, 2010
Announcement: PDQ Deploy 1.1.4
Announcement: PDQ Deploy 1.1.4
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    We’ve recently reached a milestone with version 1.2 of both PDQ Deploy and PDQ Deploy Pro which will both begin beta testing next month. They both have some new features which we think you’re going to love, and we’ll detail them in a future blog post. 

    In the mean time we’ve recently updated PDQ Deploy to version 1.1.4 which has a couple of bug fixes from 1.1.3. You can download the update from here which will install right over any previous version.

    Update Notes

    We maintain a list of changes in the online documentation which you can peruse for any future or past version. In the latest version are the following two fixes:

    • Fixed a problem when loading up with a corrupted database file.

      This would have caused a crash at application start if the database file has certain types of corruption.

    • Fixed a problem when deploying some files which are marked read only.

      If source installer files were marked read only it could cause an “Access Denied” error to be reported and the install would abort.

    As always, please let us know how our products are doing for you and if there’s anything you’d like to see us add or change.

    smiling man
    Adam Ruth

    Adam is a co-founders of PDQ.

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