How to manage your user's web browser with PolicyPak Browser Router

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Annalisa Williams|Updated January 26, 2021
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Ever have a website your users need to use a specific browser to access? Or perhaps you need a particular browser to be the default browser. Getting users directed to the correct browser can be done with a little set up using the Browser Router in PolicyPak.

First, you’ll need to make sure that you have the desired browser deployed to your target machines. PDQ Deploy makes deploying the correct browsers to your target machines a piece of cake.

Setting up the Browser Router

First things first, you’ll need to create a new GPO. Right click on your newly created GPO and select edit to open your Group Policy Management Editor. If you have PolicyPak loaded, you’ll have the PolicyPak module loaded.

If you expand PolicyPak you’ll see the Browser Router node. To start putting together your settings, create a new collection by right-clicking the blank area and clicking (surprise!) New Collection.

add new collection browser router

Now you’re ready to start defining policies and defaults for all your users.

Set a Default Browser

Setting a default browser is straightforward and simple. Right click and select “Add New Default Browser”. Choose your browser and you’re set!

Select Browser

Default Browser exceptions; routing users to the correct browser

Having a default browser is great, but let’s say you have a site that only wants to work with a specific browser and it happens to be a browser other than the default browser. Simple, just click Add > New Policy. Then add in the URL, and select a browser. That site will now use the designated browser.

Specific site browser


Wild cards

You can easily set up Wildcards with the Browser Router. In this example, let’s say you only want to use Chrome when visiting anything on Google. By using the *google* wildcard you can set Google Chrome as the default browser.

Wild Card


Blocking sites

Need to Block a specific site? No problem. With the PolicyPak Browser Router you can easily define a blocked site and even display a pop up message to the user.

Block site

Local intranet browser

Many businesses have a local intranet security zone that requires the use of a specific browser for things such as time cards and other applications. Browser Router can easily make those accommodations. Just click “Internet Security Zone” then select “Local Intranet” from the dropdown menu and designate the appropriate browser.

Local Intranet

 The Browser Router in PolicyPak gives you total control of what browsers are used in your environment. You can now use the right browser for the right job. For a detailed walk through and to see the Browser Router in action, click on the video below.


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Annalisa Williams

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