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Annalisa Williams|March 11, 2015
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Methods for uninstalling applications will vary from application to application. Because there isn’t a standard way to perform uninstalls, you will need to do your homework.

Find the Uninstall String

PDQ Inventory does pick up many uninstall strings when scanning applications (if they are provided by the vendor). Double click on a computer go to Applications and navigate to the specific application that you wanted to uninstall. Under the Uninstall column you’ll see listed the uninstall string. Now, not every uninstall string as listed is silent. Your uninstall string must be silent in order to be run successfully by PDQ Inventory.


If the string contains MsiExec.exe then you’re practically done. You’ll notice the silent parameters /qn /norestart and /X are already there. Right click and click Uninstall. This will bring up a window with the string in the command field read to run.

silent uninstall string

Program does not have MsiExec.exe or has no silent parameters

Not all hope is lost just yet, it just means you’ll have to do a little research and homework to find out how to silently uninstall this particular app. If there’s a way to silently uninstall, it’ll be out there.

(To see Shane and Lex silently uninstall an non-MSI installation watch the video below at 3:54)

Uninstalling from Multiple Computers

PDQ Inventory works great for uninstalling from a few computers… but what if you want to uninstall from many more computers? That’s where PDQ Deploy comes in. Simply open up your PDQ Deploy, create a new package and in a command step put in your uninstall string with silent parameters. Save your package and deploy it out.

This webcast shows uninstalling KeePass, Microsoft Office and CD BurnerXP. You can join and ask questions at our live webcasts by joining here.


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Annalisa Williams

Annalisa was an employee at PDQ.

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