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Sysadmins you should follow in 2024

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Meredith Kreisa|February 7, 2024
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Green laptop with PDQ logo

Between reviewing logs, maintaining computer networks, trying to keep track of IoT devices, and attempting to thwart each threat, systems administration is not for the faint of heart. That’s why we think every day should be Sysadmin Day.

But the era of having to toil quietly in the background is over. Social media has helped prominent IT experts step into the spotlight and share their expertise. Following talented sysadmin influencers can help you stay at the top of your game. We’ll share some of our favorite folks to follow in 2024 in no particular order of awesomeness. 

IT experts


TWiT is the ultimate resource for tech podcasts. With separate shows for security, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Google, enterprise tech, and more, there’s an option for virtually any specialty. This also presents an excellent opportunity to explore areas outside your primary expertise. 


4sysops is a community for information technology professionals. It’s chock-full of insightful articles to help you fine-tune your skill with PowerShell, enhance your desktop management, become a cloud computing genius, and so much more.  

Joab Jackson 

As editor-in-chief of The New Tech Stack, Joab Jackson knows his way around a software stack. He regularly shares insightful articles on all things tech. He also throws in some content on rock and roll, history, and food. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 

Francois-Xavier Cat 

With experience as an IT technician, system administrator, infrastructure administrator, systems engineer, automation specialist, and DevOps engineer, Francois-Xavier Cat’s career has made him an expert in Windows, PowerShell, and automation. He retweets content related to PowerShell, technology, news, and science.

Anoop C. Nair

Anoop C. Nair is the owner and founder of HTMD, a resource for device management professionals. Leveraging his experience as a solution architect, Nair writes about Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, SCCM, Microsoft Intune, and Azure Virtual Desktop.


Nill is a self-described “colorful kittygirl” with an undeniable gift for explaining fundamental, complex topics in easy-to-understand terms. With a healthy dose of humor worked in throughout, Nill’s content is as entertaining as it is informative. 

Chris Titus Tech 

For the sysadmin who juggles both Windows and Linux operating systems, finding the right source of content can be tough. Thankfully, Chris Titus Tech covers both. In addition, you’ll find plenty of useful content on phones, websites, networking, storage, and other topics to make you a well-rounded sysadmin. 

If you just can’t get enough of Chris Titus, check out his other YouTube channels: Titus Tech Talk and Titus Tech Gaming

TechWorld with Nana

If you want to specialize in DevOps, check out TechWorld with Nana. She’s a consultant and trainer offering a DevOps career guide and a six-month boot camp course. And if you want broader IT training, her YouTube tutorials cover everything from IT beginners courses to Python, Docker, and Kubernetes.

Network Chuck

Just starting a career in IT? You’ll find tons of helpful content on Network Chuck’s YouTube channel. He’s got courses on Python, Linux, and Kubernetes skills as well as networking. He’s also got his own line of coffee blends for sysadmins because, as he puts it, “everything in IT requires coffee.”

John Savill

If you want to brush up on Azure, add John Savill’s YouTube channel to your rotation. He’s got 100+ tutorials on Azure. He also offers trainings on DevOps and PowerShell.

Security specialists

Krebs on Security 

Brian Krebs is one of the biggest names in cybersecurity coverage. As an investigative journalist, he has extensive experience producing in-depth reports on cybercrime. If you’re concerned with how the latest threats may affect your systems, Krebs is your go-to guy. 

Darknet Diaries 

Darknet Diaries is a podcast about the things that go bump in the night: cybercrime, hacking, shadow government activity, and more. If you have a well-developed sense of professional curiosity and like getting goosebumps, you’ll love Darknet Diaries. 

Troy Hunt

As an Australian Microsoft Regional Director, the creator of the data breach aggregation service Have I Been Pwned, and an author/instructor with Pluralsight, Troy Hunt specializes in security and cloud development. While you might see him speak at an event or workshop, you can also catch his latest musings on social media. 

Katie Moussouris

After extensive experience as a security architect and strategist with big-name companies like Microsoft and Symantec, Katie Moussouris launched Luta Security to enhance the security maturity of organizations. She tweets and retweets about news, security, business, and more. Since she’s very active on X, you won’t have to worry about your feed running dry. 

John Hammond

You can never learn too much about cybersecurity. Thankfully, security expert John Hammond generously shares his insights to give you a leg up on hackers.

PowerShell pros

Andrew Pla

PDQ’s own pride and joy, Andrew Pla, is our senior community development specialist by day and a PowerShell influencer by night. He shares his problem-solving strategies and adventures in automation. You can also catch him on the aptly named PowerShell Podcast (new episodes drop on Mondays) or chat with him on the PDQ Discord server.

Chrissy LeMaire

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Chrissy Lemaire is a PowerShell expert. She is the original author of the dbatools module, and much of her content focuses on helping PowerShell users.


Want to stay on top of PowerShell news? Follow Justin Grote for PowerShell updates, conferences, and coding tips.

PowerShell Weekly by Matthew Dowst

Matthew Dowst publishes a weekly roundup of PowerShell news. Beyond keeping you current on PowerShell articles, books, and trainings, he also publishes his own PowerShell scripts and snippets on his website.

#pstweetchat (Not a sysadmin, we know.)

Follow the #pstweetchat hashtag on X for a monthly live discussion about all things PowerShell.


Jeff Hicks is a one-stop shop for PowerShell. He’s published multiple books on PowerShell, and he offers tutorials on Pluralsight along with tons of tips and tricks on his website.


JackedProgrammer covers a wide array of IT and coding topics, but his PowerShell content really stands out. This competitive powerlifter regularly posts helpful PowerShell tips, projects, and tutorials so you don't have to do the heavy lifting alone.

IT humor & entertainment accounts

seasonally affected server 

Life is hard. Sometimes, you just need a good laugh. That’s where seasonally affected server comes in with all-too-relatable existential humor. 


SwiftOnSecurity tweets oodles of tech-related humor. Think of Swift as the hilarious coworker you wish you had. 


Ever had a toxic manager? Then this X account will crack you up, give you flashbacks, or offer a delightful cocktail of both. 

Following a long list of celebrity cats gives you endless joy. But adding some prominent sysadmin influencers to that list can transform your social media scrolling into a prime opportunity to improve your craft. And don’t stop there! Reading the PDQ blog and watching our YouTube channel can further expand your IT horizons.

Meredith Kreisa headshot
Meredith Kreisa

Meredith gets her kicks diving into the depths of IT lore and checking her internet speed incessantly. When she's not spending quality time behind a computer screen, she's probably curled up under a blanket, silently contemplating the efficacy of napping.

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