Happy Sysadmin Day!

Hey, System Administrator. Do you know who’s awesome? You are! Now is your time and July 28th is your day. Sysadmin Appreciation Day! We know that most of your coworkers will be oblivious to this most joyous of days, but we’re not.  We get you. You complete us. So take a few minutes of “you time” and enjoy this PDQ tribute to your greatness.

While you’re here, stroll down memory lane and take a look at our Sysadmin Day tributes from years past. We hope they give you all the feels. 

So, thank you System Administrator. Thank you for resetting passwords, again. Thank you for “fixing the internet” when Alex in accounting broke it. Thank you for dealing with the technologically challenged with patience and grace. We at PDQ salute you!



Ancient System Administrators

Embark on a thrilling journey with 'Ancient System Administrators'. Discover the untold stories of hidden heroes who built the foundations of civilizations. Join us!

Experience the entire Sysadmin Day playlist →



Planet Office

Endangered sysadmins must fight to survive in the cutthroat climate of Planet Office. This Sysadmin Day, sysadmin conservation starts with you.

Protect your office's greatest resource →



The Dream

Instead of going down the hall to "fix" the internet that Bill in accounting says is "broken" again, take a few minutes to enjoy this tribute to your greatness.



The Sneaker Net

If you’re too young to remember sneaker-net or simply want to relive the nightmare for some masochistic reason, we present Sysadmin day gift to you, The Sneaker Net!

Download the game here



The Time Guards

Who needs Baywatch when you can watch Lex and Shane in lifeguard uniforms running in slow-motion?



A Sysadmin Musical (Always Near)

"Who do you call?"



Digital Janitor

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself.