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Happy Sysadmin Day 2021

Hey, System Administrator. Do you know who’s awesome? You are! Now is your time and July 30th is your day. Sysadmin Appreciation Day! We know that most of your coworkers will be oblivious to this most joyous of days, but we’re not.  We get you. You complete us. So take a few minutes of “you time” and enjoy this PDQ tribute to your greatness.

While you’re here, stroll down memory lane and take a look at our Sysadmin Day tributes from years past. We hope they give you all the feels. 

So, thank you System Administrator. Thank you for resetting passwords, again. Thank you for “fixing the internet” when Mary in accounting broke it. Thank you for dealing with the technologically challenged with patience and grace. We at salute you!

2021 - The Dream

2020 - The Sneaker Net (A Sysadmin Video Game)

Download the game here.

Remember the not-so-good-old-days before PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory? Yeah, we’ve tried to drink heavily to forget them as well. You know what we’re talking about. Going endlessly from machine to machine, manually updating and patching disc! It was a process we lovingly referred to as, “The Sneaker Net”. We wore out many a pair of Converse knock-off’s over the years, manually updating hundreds of machines

If you’re too young to remember sneaker-net or simply want to relive the nightmare for some masochistic reason, we present Sysadmin day gift to you, The Sneaker Net! It’s a game for Sysadmins by Sysadmins. The object is to update all 45 machines in your office, one at a time in real-time! Yes, now you can relive those nightmarish days of yesteryear and come to the grand realization that, with PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory, you never have to do it again. For instructions on how to play, check out our accompanying blog and video.

2019 - The Time Guards

Who needs Baywatch when you can watch Lex and Shane in lifeguard uniforms running in slow-motion?

2018 - A Sysadmin Musical (Always Near)

"Who do you call?"

2017 - Digital Janitor

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