Thunderbird Silent Install

Thunderbird is one of over 100 applications in the Package Library that are ready-to-deploy. A trial of PDQThunderbird silent install Deploy Enterprise will allow you to select three of these packages for deployment free during your trial. Otherwise, Thunderbird is a fairly simple package to build on your own.

Thunderbird Silent Install

1. Download Thunderbird. Make sure you download the offline version. An online version will not give you a silent install of Thunderbird.

2. Open a new package. Simply right-click on the EXE and click “Deploy with PDQ Deploy”. This will automatically open the new package window. Otherwise, from the new package window you can navigate to the file in an install step.

3. Add silent parameters. Down in the parameters field put -ms. That’s it, you’re ready to install Thunderbird silently.

If you’ve looked at the Thunderbird package provided in the Package Library, you might notice it uses a few more steps and an INI file. The reason the package is built as such is to end any currently running Thunderbird sessions and to remove the MMS (Mozilla Maintenance Service) for a cleaner install.
INI file allows for more specific instructions for the deployment, which in this case is written to not create any shortcuts and to not install the maintenance service.
In the video above, Shane walks through some of the steps in this pre-built package.