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What's new in PDQ Deploy 3.0 release 2

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JJ Bateman|November 22, 2013
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    We're excited to announce the public release 3.0 (release 2) of PDQ Deploy.

    What is new in Release 2

    • Improvements to database connections to prevent time outs.

    • Performance improvements in console start up.

    • Fixed a bug which could cause the background service to stop after a target reboot.

    • Fixed a bug preventing filters from finding certain nested objects.

    As always, check out our videos for more information on how to best utilize our PDQ line of products.

    company JJB
    JJ Bateman

    JJ is a technical creative. He finds joy in programming, automation, and in participating in the artistic sides of things. You'll often find him drinking on Thursdays on the PDQ webcast, rambling and raging remotely at the Bermuda Triangle/heisenbug-tier tech at the studio in SLC.

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