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PDQ Inventory 1.1 (Release 2)

Adam RuthAdam Ruth

We’re pleased to announce the release of PDQ Inventory 1.1 (Release 2).  As always, you can download it from here.  This release fixes a number of bugs and adds a couple of new features that you should hopefully find helpful.

New Features

  • Version Comparisons in Reports and Collections

    Useful for filtering on file and application version numbers.  Shane has already gone into this in some detail

  • Added O/S Serial Number

  • When upgrading to a new version the whole database is backed up

  • File and Registry scanner row limits can now be configured

  • Reports can now have a global filter, like the collection window

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where scans were showing up multiple times in the scan or computer window.

  • Fixed issue with Active Directory renames not being properly synchronized.

  • Fixed occasional “CreateProcess error 32” when anti-virus software would lock the scanner program.

  • Fixed bug preventing credentials in [email protected] format.

  • Fixed issue comparing empty date/time values in report filters.

  • Fixed n duplicate key error in scanning certain computer Windows Features.

  • Fixed an issue with the Design Report menu being disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where some computers would get Access Denied to the service manager.

As always, we hope you enjoy the software and please let us know what more we can do in our Feature Request Forum.






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