Webcast Recap: Best Practice & Performance Tuning PDQ Deploy & Inventory

Alyssa Winslow|September 11, 2019

Last week Lex and Jason walked us through some best practices for performance tuning PDQ Deploy and Inventory. Lex admittedly jokes that in the process of illustrating best practices, he might show you some worst practices too....well if the shoe fits, right? But in all seriousness, the purpose of this recap is to help you streamline your PDQ products so you can automate more and perform manual deployments less.  *So, to kick things off Lex and Jason showed you how to back up your database. Once you've done that, you're ready to go. Now, keep reading or check out the video below.


Let the festivities begin!

Structure of Database in Deploy & Inventory: 51

  • Setting up backups

Active Directory sync settings 1:23

  • Delete mode

  • Inherited Credentials

Credentials 3:40

  • Background service 

  • Local credentials 

  • LAPS

Console Users in Deploy

  • Credentials -

  • Inventory credentials option

Console Users window in PDQ Deploy

Question: Can multiple admin accounts be used for scanning deployments? For domain and non-domain PC’s? 8:52

Push / Pull Mode 11:11

  • Repository panel

Concurrent Targets 13:38

Question: Licensing question, if I set up different instances per geographic regions, do I need more than one if I'm the only user?  16:45

Deployments 18:20

Performance Tuning 

  • Prioritize deployments and scans -

Window of Preferences locked by a specific rule while looking at the Performance tab

Inventory 23:30

  • Networking

  • Deploy panel

  • Performance

  • Concurrent scans 

  • Ping before scanning

Webcast recap PDQ & A session

Question: When would one want to use different scan user credentials from your service/deployment credentials? 27:34

Question: How do you fix the issue of PFQ Inventory pulling info from the wrong computer due to a new comp taking that IP? 28:56

Question: Information on scheduling Wake On Lan 29:39

Question: So is the scan/deploy credentials fail, will it fall back to another account or do you need manually pick? 31:05

Question: How much do unused deployment packages impact performances? 31:57

To infinity and beyond...or until next time

Thanks for checking out our recap. Hopefully, you gained some helpful insights that you'll be able to use in your own environment. We'll see you next week on PDQ Live!

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