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Using xcopy for a Single File


So, you need a file to go out to multiple computers. The command xcopy is an easy way to copy files to multiple computers quickly, or you can also use the “File Copy” step within your PDQ Deploy Pro or Enterprise console to copy a single file. 

Using xcopy for a Single File

Create a command step in PDQ Deploy and add the following:

xcopy /E /I /Y 

Let’s break this down a little: 

/E=copy all directories even if they are empty

/I=if directory doesn’t exist, create it in the target computer

/Y=if files need to be overwritten, respond “yes” to overwrite.  

After that, in double quotes put the origin file path, space, and then in another set of double quotes specify where on your target computers you want the file to be copied to.  

Note: the computer you deploy from must be able to access the network share. Use a UNC path. 

File Copy Step

That’s pretty easy…but what if it could be even easier? The File Copy step is new to PDQ Deploy 6 and is available in Pro or Enterprise mode. You can use it to copy a single file or an entire folder.

Specify the file and the target folder, all that’s left is to set your conditions and overwrite preferences and you’re ready to deploy this custom package out to as many computers as you need to. Try it out!

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