3 Minutes plus 3 Days – Adobe’s approval process for Reader and Flash

Remember that Adobe likes you to reach out and touch them every year just to get the OK to deploy their free products within your company. It’s pretty simple, though it can be frustrating to wait for approval from Adobe.

To avoid having your users install Adobe Reader themselves simply follow these steps to get access to the redistributable Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash.

Visit the Adobe distribution page and select “Apply to distribute Reader”. (We’re actually going to apply to distribute all their free products).

adobe distributable 01 resized 600

You’ll need to fill out a form that pops up. We suggest that you apply to distribute all their free products (Reader, Flash, AIR, and Shockwave).

adobe distribute 02 resized 600

You’ll need to fill out each section, but the entire form shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

After submitting the form you’ll receive an auto reply from Adobe that you will need to open and click a link to activate your application.

At this point you’re pretty much done for the day. You need to wait for Adobe to approve your application. Once approved (they say less than three days) they’ll email you a link to download the distributable applications.

Remember that it’s usually a good idea to use the Adobe Wizard to create a customized Reader deployment.

Here are some older blog posts that will help you get moving along (after you’ve received approval from Adobe, of course).

Adobe maintains a regular schedule in patch versions  so it’s important to keep in touch with the company. During the registration process for Adobe products you’re given the opportunity to opt into product emails. I suggest that you do so. It’s important to know when security patches are available.


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