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Adobe Flash – Patching Your Computers Step 1

Shawn AndersonShawn Anderson

Adobe has patched Flash and in the coming weeks will also release a patch for its Reader product.

While deploying these patches to all your computers is relatively simple, obtaining the patch first requires you to enter into a distribution agreement with Adobe. It’s fairly easy to do but sometimes a step-by-step is helpful. 

First things first – the Adobe website is designed for those who wish to patch the system that they are using at the moment – something that you don’t want to do if you are looking to install the patch to every one of your dozens, hundreds, or thousands of computers.

Go to www.adobe.com and select the Adobe Flash button. (If you want to deploy more than just Flash you can do so in a later step).

The next screen is the most important. It’s here that you tell Adobe that your time is far too important to sneaker-net this deployment. Select the Distribute Flash Player link.

The next screen allows us to accept the Adobe distribution agreement. Every organization needs to fill this out. Even though Flash and Reader are no-cost products, each organization needs to have an agreement to obtain the products and patches.

The last screen for today’s post allows you to select the product(s) that you wish to obtain. If you also need to grab the Adobe Reader patches then this is a good time to do so. 

Fill out the form and submit it for Adobe approval. They advertise acceptance within a few business days but my experience is that they are much faster.

Fill out the rest of the form and submit. The ball is now in Adobe’s court. You’ll receive an acceptance email from them shortly (a couple of days at most). 

It may be a crimp in your style to stop midstream, but that’s how the game is played. Not to worry, Adobe is pretty fast at approving these requests. The email that you receive will provide your download link for the .exe and .msi files.

We invite you to use our free software deployment tool to deploy Adobe Flash. PDQ Deploy is in beta now and we hope to have the first full release in July 2010. 

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