How to check for Chrome zero-day CVE-2022-1096

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Jordan Hammond|March 28, 2022
Chrome 0 Day Exploit
Chrome 0 Day Exploit
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    Chrome has its second zero-day of the year. CVE-2022-1096 is a Type Confusion Vulnerability in V8, which is the JavaScript engine used by Chromium browsers. Google has not provided much additional information on the exploit. Google has confirmed that this exploit is in the wild. 

    An out-of-band patch that contains a single fix with details withheld until most people can patch should be triggering your panic alarms. Both Chrome and Edge have patches available, and it is highly recommended you patch them as soon as possible.

    Exploits are on the rise, so patching your environment will only take more and more of your time. As with all things IT, if something takes too much of your focus, automate it! PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory can help streamline your patching and automate it for you.

    Jordan Hammond fun headshot
    Jordan Hammond

    Jordan had spent his life wondering why tasks he didn’t like to do had no options to complete themselves. Eventually he had to make that happen on his own. It turned out that he enjoyed making tasks complete themselves, and PDQ thought that is something he should talk about on the internet while drinking most Thursdays on the PDQ webcast.

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