Finding the Correct Adobe Flash Version to Silently Install

Silently installing Adobe Flash is a simple thing. Just download the ready-to-deploy package from the Package Library, click deploy, select target machines and send it off using PDQ Deploy (Adobe Flash is available for free.)

(Note: The following video is based on an older version of Flash, however the process is still the same.)

Three Adobe Flash Packages

Adobe likes to throw a few curveballs. To simplify the deployment process as much as possible, while keeping you completely up-to-date on all patches, here’s what you need know.

There are generally three Adobe Flash packages available. Why? Well, here’s the break down of what the packages are used for.

  1. Adobe Flash. This package contains Flash NPAPI for other browsers such as Firefox.
  2. Adobe Flash for IE. This package contains Flash for IE on Windows 7, Vista and XP computers.
  3. Adobe Flash (All IE). This package is quite comprehensive. It includes the regular Flash for Win 7, etc and it also contains the Flash patches made available by Microsoft on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.

Adobe Flash Releases

silently install adobe flashOn 12/28/2015 Adobe released Flash Player We immediately made the packages “Adobe Flash” and “Adobe Flash for IE” available in the Package Library. As usual there was a several hour wait (often more than 24 hours) for Microsoft to publish the Win 8.x and Win 10 Flash patches.

Once those were published we included them in the new All IE package. This patch addressed some critical security issues. Unfortunately the changes also broke Flash on ActiveX. A few days later Adobe released a new update for Flash on IE. The new version for the ActiveX Flash is We released the new package and then played the waiting game again.

After a few days Microsoft released patches for only Windows 10. The version of Flash ActiveX on Windows 10 was now Then, according to the linked thread on Adobe’s forums, Microsoft stated that they wouldn’t supply the Win 8.x patches until Patch Tuesday (a week later).

So what to do? Do we update the All IE package with the new Win 7 and Win 10 updates and leave the same Win 8 patches? If we do, what version do we publish? (Remember, each package can have only one version.)

We opted to create a new package called Adobe Flash for IE – Windows 10. On this coming Patch Tuesday the All IE package will be updated once all the IE patches are accounted for.

If you need to update Flash for IE on Win 7, Vista or XP then we strongly recommend that you use the package Adobe Flash for IE.

If you need to update Flash for IE on Windows 10 then use the new package Adobe Flash for IE – Windows 10.

Collection Library Criteria

If you use the Collection Library in PDQ Inventory then here are the criteria that will cause a computer to show up in the “Flash IE (Latest)” collection:

  • Windows 7 or earlier with Flash ActiveX version of
  • Windows 8.x with KB3132372 (
  • Windows 10 with KB3133431 (

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